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GoPro HERO9 HERO8 HERO7 HyperSmooth Comparison - GoPro Tip #682 | MicBergsma
07:54 / 160080 views / 4824 likes / 91 dislikes / 23.09.2020 / Channel: micbergsma

In this video I am going to show you the HyperSmooth (built in stabilization) comparison with Hero9, Hero8, and Hero7 cameras with FOV SuperView, Wide, Linear, and Linear + HL.
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~Filmed by Mitch + Lori Bergsma
~Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac
~Intro edit by Erik Lauritzen - http://bit.ly/2gQe8d4
Instagram Mitch - http://bit.ly/2gHjIOV
Instagram Lori - http://bit.ly/2gTT6gH
YouTube - http://bit.ly/2g4i5d5
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Hero5 - Black: http://bit.ly/2gOnpVF
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GoPro Hero9 Hero8 Hero7 HyperSmooth Comparison - GoPro Tip #682 | MicBergsma


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