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Macro Flowers 4K 60fps - Nature Relax Video + Amazing Birds Singing (8 Hours) - Episode 2
Duration: 28973 / 165365 views / 672 likes / 53 dislikes / 16.11.2018 / Channel: UCg72Hd6UZAgPBAUZplnmPMQ

Flowers are our best friends! We love to give flowers and get them! We express our feelings with the help of them. Sometimes flowers are better than any words! They can listen to you and tell you their own story, show you their wonderful world of tenderness and simplicity. Feel harmony, relax and take a virtual tour to see the most charming flowers of the world while watching our 4K Ultra HD relax video from and

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Listen to amazing birds singing, close your eyes and dream! There are lots of delicate flowers around you. You smell incredibly sweet aromas! Tender petals are moving gently by wind! It’s a paradise of tranquility and peace! Take in the fascinating scenery and relax! Discover this unbelievable world of tenderness and beauty with our team! This 4K video was shot in a high frame rate (60 fps) that gives you as many images in the same amount of time and helps you to get involved in what you are watching.

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