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GoPro Lens Mod Review // Extensive Testing, Comparisons, Details
14:21 / 66535 views / 2881 likes / 49 dislikes / 16.10.2020 / Channel: dcrainmakerblog

Here's your complete GoPro Hero 9 Black Lens Mod In-Depth Review. In this video I dive though everything from installing it to the numerous settings options, and the differences between HyperSmooth Max Mode, Horizon Leveling, and Horizon Lock. Plus, footage comparisons to another GoPro Hero 9 Black side by side with the Lens Mod to help you decide.

Main benefits:

- You get a bit wider shot, though not dramatically so
- You can lock the horizon, useful for when the camera (or yourself) is inverted)
- Incredibly useful for portrait video like Instagram, since most mounts are designed for bottom mounting, this allows that while still getting a portrait shot.
- Max HyperSmooth can be slightly more smooth. Barely.
- Fully waterproofed as normal

- No night mode for photos, no timelapse options, other reduced options.
- Reduced video resolutions (max is 2.7K)
- Having to swap it out means over time if you do it a lot you’re likely to get dust in places
- Underwater means you'll get distortion of the image

0:00 Intro/Shipping/Pricing
0:33 Installation & Enablement
2:05 Horizon Lock
3:55 Horizon Leveling & Samples
6:55 Max Hypersmooth Mode (vs GoPro Max)
8:13 The Best Feature: Portrait Mode Lock
9:40 The Downsides
11:09 Night Footage
12:04 Complete Pros & Cons


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